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Welcome to Koh Lanta Or Lanta Island

The island of Lanta was known long ago as " Pulau Satak ", a name of Malayan origin meaning long beach island. In 1917 , the island had change the name to " Koh Lanta " . Lanta is a Javanese word meaning a fish grill. (which is built of wood with a squre grill on top where the fish are set in a circle) it consists of 2 islands (lanta yai & lanta noi)
Lanta Yai, the main island, is 27 km in length and traversed by a mountain range that reaches the height of 500 m in the south. The mountains in the northern part and southern tip of Lanta are still covered with virgin forest, the main reason to declare the latter a national park in 1990. The 62nd national park in Thailand includes 15 off-shores islands and has a total area of 134 square km.
The population of Koh Lanta, approximately 20000 people, consists of 95% Muslims , 4% Buddhists and 1% Chao-le (sea gypsy)


2 popular beaches of Koh Lanta

There are several beaches in Koh Lanta. And the most famous are Klong Dao Beach and Long Beach , where most of the resorts are located in these 2 beaches.

Klong Dao Beach one of the most develop beach in Koh Lanta , starting from 1000THB - 5000THB. And it seem that most tourists with family like to stay in this beach.
Long Beach, a new fast growing beach in Koh Lanta, Starting from 700THB to 5000THB too. And most young tourists like to stay in this beach because very often there are party around here.
Beside these 2 beaches there are still some nice beaches in the south of Koh Lanta.


Klong Dao Beach


Diving - Diving in Koh Lanta means diving some of the best divesites in Thailand. The fringing reefs and the rich marine life has in recent years made Koh Lanta a favorite place for divers from all over the world. Hin Deang & Hin Moung is considers as one of the top ten in the world, many big fish can be seen here. Manta ray is one of the most commond fish can be seen here and sometimes the whale shark also visit here. Koh Ha is good for cave dive and lots of soft coral can be seen . Hin Bida (shark point) for whose who like to see sharks.
Snorkeling - There are many islands good for snorkeling. Especially in Koh Rok , it’s a national park , the beach is covered with white & powdery sand and the sea is very clear.(visibility between 25-35m) Snorkeling here just like you are swimming under an big aquarium . Lots of fishes and corals can be seen .It the most popular trip in Koh Lanta.

4 islands , Koh Ngai, Koh Mook , Koh Kradan & Koh Chuak

Although they are belong to Trang province but it can be reach there easily by speed boat or express boat. The beauty of Koh Ngai , Amazing cave (emerald cave) at Koh Mook, popular for under water webbing at Koh Kradan in Thailand & the colourful soft corals at Koh Chuak.
Phi Phi and Bamboo Island one of the most beautiful island in the world. But it was too crowded so it good just to go there in one day trip. Watch the beautiful land scape of Phi Phi Ley and visit the famous Maya Bay which the movie *The Beach* was taken here. And Bamboo island is surrounded with white and sandy beach, crystal clear water and lots of fishes.
Big Game Fishing - Fishing in Koh Lanta is fun and exciting. For fishing in Koh Lanta is still very good , sailfish is quite usually catch and beside that there are still many species of fish waiting for you to fish. Barakuda, king mackerel, dorado, queen fish, tuna, wahoo and etc.....

Beside so many trips and there are also ,Sea kayaking, elephant trekking, hiking to some caves in Koh Lanta and etc.....